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Mobility - Africa Structuring Strategy

Expand Africa helps you set up structures appropriately in line with the laws within the various jurisdictions of the 54 African Union states.

With the skills in our team and leveraging  specific in country skills this transition is easily managed within the laws, regulations and in country requirements.

Included in our bespoke solution, inclusive of research, expansion strategy and market penetration (immediate, medium and long term) design, we provide end to end solutions in formulating the structure strategy to align with the business implementation strategy across jurisdictions, enabling organisations to focus on their core business


  • African countries encourage each other to increase trade between themselves the number of DTA’s (Double Taxation Agreements) are increasing.
  • Structuring appropriately could result in considerations that it is better to have a holding company structure in an African country and then invest into other countries rather than through direct investments.
  • Many countries have withholding taxes dependent on the nature of the payment and to which jurisdiction the payment will be made to.
  • Failing to plan properly could severely impact the consequences of the desired outcomes.

Exchange Control

  • Regulations exist that limit the flow of funds out of the country
  • South Africa Legislation requires that any resident company wanting to set up subsidiaries or branches across the African continent must obtain permission from SARB (South African Reserve Bank)
  • This can be a complex process that comes with specific limitations.

It is therefore critical that Taxation and Exchange Control are given due consideration to ensure that both are structured appropriately  ensuring that no consequences dramatically reduce any returns on investment

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